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Knowledgeable, professional, thorough

Knowledgeable, Professional, Thorough. Goes above and beyond even outside of sessions. If you follow what he gives you results will come. 10 out of 10!


Eliminated one of the biggest areas of pain

We have naturally started to utilize the COVID pandemic as a benchmark in our timelines, referencing the last two years by it in conversation. It is with that same timeline I was able to refer back to debilitating neck pain. I’m pretty stubborn so it took about six months for me to seek treatment in an effort to find relief. First from a chiropractor, then massage therapist, both of which supported the issue with temporary relief. Enough to “push through” and continue power lifting meets and strength training. Until one morning my neck problems increased and I lost all range of motion, struggling with new layers to the problem. Second chiropractor with similar results, nothing seemed to be helpful. Finally, I switched it up and met Alec. Within weeks we’ve reached increased range of motion and eliminated one of the biggest areas of pain. Treatment focuses on future building blocks, Alec has been able to individualize my exercises and help me adjust my form in a way only someone who knows strength training can.



Structured around my needs

While I was playing college basketball I tore my meniscus and ACL in my left leg. It was a major surgery which required intense physical therapy. I live in Rochester but go to school in Buffalo and needed a physical therapist that could attend to my specific needs. Alec was able to do just that; which pushed me beyond my limits while also ensuring that I felt comfortable. He was extremely flexible with my schedule and was always available if I had questions. He structured my exercises around the needs of my knee strength while also implementing game-like situations from my sport which made it an easier transition when I fully returned to sports.


Innovative Treatment

Thanks to Dr. Courtney’s innovative thought process and treatment protocol I’ve finally been able to return to the sport that I love.

Meral E

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Reliable

I have a chronic neck condition that flares up when doing pull-ups or looking overhead a lot. I wanted a physical therapist who not only knew what they were doing but also knew the CrossFit movements in order to help me recover as well as meet my exercise goals. Alec does just that; he doesn’t put a limit on what I can do but rather finds ways to keep me pain free. His exercise regimens have helped me tremendously! He is friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and I know I can go to him if I have any questions or if I need an appointment.

Taylor L


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