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Welcome to Buffalo Performance Physio


Buffalo Performance Physio was created by Dr. Alec Courtney, PT, DPT with one purpose in mind: to elevate the quality and experience of Physical Therapy for recreationally active adults and young-adult athletes in the Buffalo, NY area. Dr. Alec has felt the frustration from being unable to participate in competitive sports and recreational fitness. Too often in the current medical system, the best advice you can find is “then stop doing that” or “you’re too old to be doing that” with no actual guidance on how to return to your normal activities. Rehabilitation should be an active process in which you and your therapist work as a team to problem solve together and systematically remove the barriers preventing you from participating in your sport or activities of daily living. Our priority is returning you to your sport, job, or hobby without medications, injections, or surgery. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just trying to stay active and healthy, you deserve a provider who understands you and is willing to spend the time it takes to get you back to doing what you love.

At Buffalo Performance Physio, we take time to get know every client individually. What are your goals and values? Where are you starting from and where do you hope to go? Why is it important that you get there? By spending more time with patients and digging into the root cause of your problem, we are able to provide more hope and long-term solutions for these problems. This typically creates faster and longer lasting results.

If our values are aligned and you’re ready to get back to your life: it’s time to start working towards your goals with a provider who understands them.

Check out our FAQ page or schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with Dr. Alec to discuss your specific problem and how we can help you get where you want to be.


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