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Benefits of Recording Workouts

Have you ever recorded yourself lifting? A lot of people won’t video themselves due to being shy, fearful, or embarrassed of what they might see. The problem with that is that you are leaving a lot of potential on the table!

Just about everyone who has achieved a high level of technique and skill in weight-lifting or gymnastics has used video as a tool to give valuable feedback and improve performance.

At Buffalo Performance Physio, we use the power of video, often combined with bar path analysis, to give a better idea of what is happening during a lift to see where improvements can be made. Sometimes very tiny flaws in technique can make or break your lift. Not to mention, more efficient movers tend to get injured less.

Next time you are working >80% 1RM or working on that gymnastics skill that you just can’t seem to get, grab a video of yourself! And if you need help identifying problem areas or what to do about it, give us a call!


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