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Buffalo Performance Physio was created by Dr. Alec Courtney, PT, DPT with one purpose in mind: to elevate the quality and experience of Physical Therapy for recreationally active adults and young-adult athletes in the Buffalo, NY area. Dr. Alec has felt the frustration from being unable to participate in competitive sports and recreational fitness. Too often in the current medical system, the best advice you can find is “then stop doing that” or “you’re too old to be doing that” with no actual guidance on how to return to your normal activities. Rehabilitation should be an active process in which you and your therapist work as a team to problem solve together and systematically remove the barriers preventing you from participating in your sport or activities of daily living. Our priority is returning you to your sport, job, or hobby without medications, injections, or surgery.


To educate and empower those in pain who have been wronged by the current healthcare system. We want to help active people achieve their goals without medications, injections, or surgeries. To teach people how strong and resilient their bodies really are.


To create a company that sets the standard for physical therapists in the Buffalo area and to practice in a way that both patients and providers are enriched by the value created through our mutual relationship. The more people we help get and stay healthy, the greater the impact on the community will be.


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